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Translations: Tenasia Interviews, “My Name Is…”

Featuring all members.

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Fancafe Update: 140601 Whee In Fancafe Diary

Right now, I am suddenly so bored ke. I did the attendance check, left a memo, replied to comments on “TO MAMAMOO”, and am now in the middle of writing a diary…

You guys, not too long ago I was on Melon with Byul unnie. While listening to ‘Hi Hi Ha He Ho’ we came across a really funny comment ke

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Fancafe Update: 140407 Whee In Fancafe Diary


Hello~ This is Whee Inㅋ

It’s been a while ! As you know, it’s Spring~ So I picked the font “HanYang Hello Spring”ㅋ

Everyone~ Would you happen to know that fellow up there? He’s a kid named Rilakkuma.ㅋ

Not too long ago I met our company family member, Kiggen Oppa from Phantom and he gave me a Rilakkuma bear as a gift ! He’s laying beside me right nowㅋㅋㅋ He’s so cuteㅋ I tried to use a photo that is the most similiar to how I look right now, I’m lying in bed about to go to sleep just like that…ㅋㅋㅋ I couldn’t fall asleep so I came to the cafe to write a post. I should write up until here and go to sleep.

You all are probably sleeping already, but good night and I hope you defeat the Monday diseaseㅋ!


Fancafe Update: 140319 Whee In Fancafe Diary

Title: The 3rd to appear! *drumroll*~

Now~ Who could I be! This is ‘Maknae 1’, Whee In! ㅋ

I’ve become the 3rd person to write here, hoo hoo. Did you see that I’ve done the attendence check and written comments to fans here on the fancafe~? I’m reading everything daily so come and play everyday ㅋ! Moonbyul unnie and Wha Sa firmly wrote their diaries. In an attempt to differentiate myself, I tried changing the font ㅋ The font is called HanYang Fox~ ㅋ So, you must have visited to read about Mamamoo’s daily life? Let’s go!

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