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Videos and Translations: 140710 Music Box Titbits

Fancam of Mr. Ambiguous at BBS Music Box Live (Moonbyul focused)

Fancam of Peppermint Chocolate at BBS Music Box Live 

The host said that when she first saw their performance, she wondered where they came from. She couldn’t believe they were rookies, but she looked it up and found that they really were.

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Performance and Flicks: 140627 MAMAMOO at the KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special

Mr. Ambiguous

Peppermint Chocolate (feat. K. Will and VIXX’s Ravi)

Backstage Flicks: With IU, Baek Ji Young and VIXX


140627 WA_Mamamoo Tweet

Meeting #IU sunbaenim seemed like a dreamㅠ Mamamoo will work even harder so that we can do music with IU sunbaenim one day~


140625 WA_Mamamoo Tweet

After a thrilling debut last week…..it was an honor to be able to greet VIXX sunbaenims of “Peppermint Chocolate” and Baek Ji Young sunbaenim of “Mr. Ambiguous” at the broadcast station!ㅠ We will be come a Mamamoo who works even harder!

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