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Review: MAMAMOO’s ‘Hello’

mamamoo_1404354521_af_org The ladies of super talented Mamamoo have recently made their debut into the K-Pop scene, and so far the feedback is super positive! Often compared to fellow vocal powerhouses SPICA, Mamamoo already stands out from the pack with their obvious singing talent. Unfortunately, talent isn’t always what gets you to the top – especially in K-Pop – and only time will tell how Mamamoo will fare in playing the game of fame. But for now, we can at least take an educated guess. So far, I’m really liking what I see and hear. From the strong promotional tactics and funky styles that pique my interest to the sweet and smooth vocals that keep my ears happy, Mamamoo shows a lot of promise and great potential to succeed. Continue reading Review: MAMAMOO’s ‘Hello’


News: Talented group MAMAMOO make their official debut with ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ MV

Talent-packed female group MAMAMOO are making their official debut with their title track  “Mr. Ambiguous” off their mini album ‘Hello‘!

The group had already gathered quite a bit of attention with their talents through pre-debut projects in collaboration with several artists like K.Will and Geeks, so their official debut has been a much awaited one. In addition to their vocals, all the members possess the skills to compose and write their own music, making this a group of singer-songwriters, which differentiates them from many other groups out there.

For their debut, the girls have also recruited CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun for an appearance in their music video for their title song, providing some eye candy as well while treating our ears to their awesome voices! Baek Ji Young also makes a cameo towards the end as well to provide some comic relief, while K.Will makes a brief appearance as the cameraman, Bumkey as the chorus,Rhymer as the camera director, Wheesung as the director, and Jung Joon Young as a staff member. See if you can spot all of them!

Credit: allkpop