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Fancafe Update: 140314 ‘Don’t Be Happy’ Unreleased Photos Part 2

Hello^^ Nice to meet you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today!! I’ve come here in order to share the ‘Don’t Be Happy’ making photos with everyone!!!

I wonder what kind of image Mamamoo showed at the ‘Don’t Be Happy’ MV set~ You’re curious, right?? Really?? You’re curious?? Hehe

For those of you who eagerly look for Mamamoo news on a day-to-day basis, I am revealing the photos!!! ^^

▲ Maknae Whee In who is receiving the attention and love of 2 gentlemen! Who could those 2 be??^^

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Fancafe Update: 140307 Wha Sa Fancafe Diary

Our lovely fans – ! I’m greeting you for the first time. I am the veiled Wha Sa who is in charge of rap and vocals – (clapclapclapclap..)

Happy to meet you all ^o^!!!

Among the Mamamoo members, I am the one whose appearance is the most ambigious and I’ve heard from those around me that people are quite curious..

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News: Girl Group MAMAMOO Debuts with Soulful MV “Don’t Be Happy” Feat. Bumkey

R&B girl group Mamamoo debuts with their soulful and jazzy single “Don’t Be Happy” feat. Bumkey. The new four member girl group is a fresh face in the kpop world with their unique jazzy style. The black and white MV has a classic vintage feel reminiscent of the 1940s. The members of Mamamoo sing about their heartbreak, and they hope that their lovers won’t be happy without them.

The name Mamamoo comes from the word mama which is one of the first intimate words that a baby says. The group’s name represents the intimate music they want the world to hear. The members of this new group are SolarMoon ByulWha Sa and Whee In. The producer of the group is the well known Kim Do Hoon who worked with CNBLUEIUWheesung and other top artists.


Credit: soompi