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News: 140708 MAMAMOO’s Official Fanclub Name Chosen

140708 WA_Mamamoo Tweet

#Mamamoo’s official fanclub name has been decided to be #MooMoo. Thanks so much to all the #MooMoos who participated in the event♡

*In the photo: “Finally!! Mamamoo’s official fanclub name determined to be MooMoo”

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Info: Official Fanclub Name Options and Meanings

The final four choices for our Mamamoo fandom are:

1. MAMAMIA: It symbolizes lost children[1] who have fallen for and become fans of Mamamoo.

2. BABYMOO: Like a mother, Mamamoo provides [fans] with familiar music. Just as children are raised under their mothers and always following behind them, the name has the meaning of listening to their music and always being one step behind, supporting Mamamoo.

3. MAMAMINGLE: Holds the meaning of everyone, no matter the age, mixing (mingling) together to support Mamamoo.

4. MOOMOO: From kind and friendly unnies, oppas, friends, and dongsaengs to official partners — as a Mamamoo fan, the name has many connotations. It’s not simply the relationship between singer and fan, but the meaning of becoming a listener of Mamamoo’s music.

In Korean, MIA (미아) means ‘lost child’, so it’s like a play on words.


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News: Rookie Group MAMAMOO Debuts on June 18

Rookie girl group MAMAMOO finally debuted with the support of Wheesung, K.Will, Bumkey, Rhymer, Jung Joon Young, and CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun.

MAMAMOO released debut mini album HELLO and its title song “Mr. Ambiguous” through online music stores.

Popular composer Kim Do Hoon produced the 7-track album with tracks “Mr. Ambiguous,” “HELLO,” “BATON TOUCH,” and other tracks. Gigs, Bumkey, K.Will, and Wheesung feature in tracks.

“Mr. Ambiguous” is composed by Kim Do Hoon, with the lyrics by Gigs member Louie. The song is a retro funky genre with a blues-rock chord progression.

The members of MAMAMOO is a talented girl group who have demonstrated skill in composing and songwriting as well.

WA Entertainment stated: “MAMAMOO’s debut album is a very energetic but serious one with MAMAMOO’s colors shown through different genres.”

Credit: kpopstarz

News: Talented group MAMAMOO make their official debut with ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ MV

Talent-packed female group MAMAMOO are making their official debut with their title track  “Mr. Ambiguous” off their mini album ‘Hello‘!

The group had already gathered quite a bit of attention with their talents through pre-debut projects in collaboration with several artists like K.Will and Geeks, so their official debut has been a much awaited one. In addition to their vocals, all the members possess the skills to compose and write their own music, making this a group of singer-songwriters, which differentiates them from many other groups out there.

For their debut, the girls have also recruited CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun for an appearance in their music video for their title song, providing some eye candy as well while treating our ears to their awesome voices! Baek Ji Young also makes a cameo towards the end as well to provide some comic relief, while K.Will makes a brief appearance as the cameraman, Bumkey as the chorus,Rhymer as the camera director, Wheesung as the director, and Jung Joon Young as a staff member. See if you can spot all of them!

Credit: allkpop


News: Girl Group MAMAMOO Debuts with Soulful MV “Don’t Be Happy” Feat. Bumkey

R&B girl group Mamamoo debuts with their soulful and jazzy single “Don’t Be Happy” feat. Bumkey. The new four member girl group is a fresh face in the kpop world with their unique jazzy style. The black and white MV has a classic vintage feel reminiscent of the 1940s. The members of Mamamoo sing about their heartbreak, and they hope that their lovers won’t be happy without them.

The name Mamamoo comes from the word mama which is one of the first intimate words that a baby says. The group’s name represents the intimate music they want the world to hear. The members of this new group are SolarMoon ByulWha Sa and Whee In. The producer of the group is the well known Kim Do Hoon who worked with CNBLUEIUWheesung and other top artists.


Credit: soompi