Videos and Translations: 140710 Music Box Titbits

Fancam of Mr. Ambiguous at BBS Music Box Live (Moonbyul focused)

Fancam of Peppermint Chocolate at BBS Music Box Live 

The host said that when she first saw their performance, she wondered where they came from. She couldn’t believe they were rookies, but she looked it up and found that they really were.

When talking about dorm life, Wha Sa stated that there is no set rules for who does what. They decide things by rock-paper-scissors.

Whee In says that Wha Sa is the chef in their dorms. She cooks well!

The host said that watching their performance, even without dancers and just the 4 of them they filled up the stage. She said she was really curious and even looked up MR videos of their performance.

About Moonbyul, the host said that her rapping skill can’t be found amongst idol rappers these days — to which Moonbyul said “I love you” and she said “I love you, too” lol.

Host asked them about their title of being “자생돌” or “Self-Sown Idols”. Moonbyul stated that it has the meaning of being idols who do things themselves. She said that these days there are lots of idols who are good. That composing and writing lyrics are just the basics now and that Mamamoo also has members who compose and write. She mentioned Wha Sa’s song “My Heart”.

The host said that she was shocked hearing that they even created their own choreography.

Moonbyul continued on saying that they tend to have a lot of ideas, even about music video concepts and that they have meetings with their company and collaborate on those ideas.

Later they mentioned that the mustaches were their idea in order to help represent “Mister” Ambiguous.

Wha Sa said that in their training days they didn’t really have super formal training. It was more doing things on their own, which she said helped them rely on and feel confident in themselves.

There was a viewer message that said they searched Mamamoo after hearing them on the radio and that their visuals/looks were amazing. The host stated that lately all idols tend to look alike, but she likes that Mamamoo all have individuality. Pretty, but unique looks.

The host asked if there’s any singers they like or are influential on them. Wha Sa said that even during their trainee days the group they like is Stooshe. An overseas, 3 member girl group whose songs were fun and exciting and they thought it matched them well. They then sang a bit of their cover of Stooshe’s “Love Me” live.

T/N: The host seemed to really like Mamamoo and was constantly complimenting them the whole time! Even she pointed it out, lol.

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