Translation: Baek Ji Young’s Hidden Camera in Mr. Ambiguous MV

In a recent interview, the girls spoke about the hidden camera event in Mr. Ambiguous.

So we were all so nervous so we were stiff and we couldn’t do our best and then… And the director was like, ‘We’re just filming to get some cuts, so don’t worry about it and you can just lip sync.’ So we were like, ‘Oh really? Okay!’ So when sunbaenim told us to show her, we were just lip syncing. And her response was, “Why aren’t you singing live…”


Here’s the full translated conversation between Baek Ji Young and the girls from the MV.

Baek Ji Young enters the set. The girls greet her. Baek Ji Young watches impassively as the girls perform for her.

The performance ends.

Baek Ji Young:
What did you want to show me? No… live — why aren’t you girls singing it live? When the song comes on, you have to sing. How can I teach you if you don’t? I didn’t come here just to watch your facial expressions. (to the staff) Let’s do it one more time.

The girls sing again, this time live, putting all their heart and soul into it.

Baek Ji Young:
You looked at the ground a lot. You have to make the audience excited. Don’t look at each other, don’t look at the floor… All you girls just want to look pretty, don’t you? You stood out, and you stood out. It seemed like you were only thinking of yourselves. I was expecting a lot because Do Hoon oppa produced this group but…

The girls look close to tears.

Do Hoon:
Hey Solar. Baek Ji Young-ssi is really good at acting, isn’t she?

Baek Ji Young and Do Hoon burst out laughing, and the girls look confused.

Baek Ji Young:
Not now! Not enough! I have to do more! What is this! I’m really sorry kids. I’m not that kind of person. (She goes to hug them all) You girls did so well I was shocked. Really! Oh no, what should I do? They’re crying! What to do? Cry! Cry! Just how scary was I? Now I will happily listen to you one more time. You girls were really good!

Should we sing it live?

Baek Ji Young:
Don’t do that! Rest your voice! At a place like this you should rest your voice so don’t sing it live.


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