Interview: MAMAMOO Talks Debut, Baek Ji Young and “Mr. Ambiguous”

MAMAMOO debuted just a few weeks ago, but already, everyone has been asking, “Who is this group?”

While a good portion of the hype can be accredited to the slew of cameos in MAMAMOO’s debut music video for Mr. Ambiguous (CN BLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun, K.Will, Baek Ji Young, to name just a few), the fact that the interest has only continued to rise can only indicate good things.

MAMAMOO, a four-girl group including members Moon Byul, Solar, Whee In and Wha Sa, is already different, thanks to the fact that they all have a set of pipes on them, can all dance, and have the support of some of the biggest names in the business.

The four ladies of MAMAMOO sat with Mwave for an exclusive interview prior to their MEET&GREET , where they talked about their star connections, ambiguous men and their music.

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Performance and Flicks: 140627 MAMAMOO at the KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special

Mr. Ambiguous

Peppermint Chocolate (feat. K. Will and VIXX’s Ravi)

Backstage Flicks: With IU, Baek Ji Young and VIXX


140627 WA_Mamamoo Tweet

Meeting #IU sunbaenim seemed like a dreamㅠ Mamamoo will work even harder so that we can do music with IU sunbaenim one day~


140625 WA_Mamamoo Tweet

After a thrilling debut last week… was an honor to be able to greet VIXX sunbaenims of “Peppermint Chocolate” and Baek Ji Young sunbaenim of “Mr. Ambiguous” at the broadcast station!ㅠ We will be come a Mamamoo who works even harder!

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Review: MAMAMOO Shows Off Less Skin, More Skill for First Single, “Mr. Ambiguity”

It is often hard to navigate the vast sea of rookie girl groups that seem to be endlessly debuting in K-pop today. Their songs all sound the same, their stage outfits are all equally revealing, and their choreography routines all consist of moves that I wouldn’t be surprised to see performed in a strip tease.

MAMAMOO is the lighthouse guiding us home in the turbulent tempest of oversexed girl groups. I’ll admit that I was apprehensive about the group because of their somewhat nonsensical name, but I was converted into a believer in the church of MAMAMOO less than 30 seconds into the music video for their debut single, “Mr. Ambiguous.

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Fancafe Update: 140622 MAMAMOO Fancafe Diary


Everyone! We’ve finished all of this week’s public TV broadcasts~!!! We are really so so thankful to everyone who came to see usㅜㅜ! There was a lot of delay in today’s recording so waiting must have been hard on you guys…Nevertheless, because of your loud screams and support, I think we were able to do an even better job~ Also, we’ve read your letters and eaten the snacks you gave us without leaving any behind keke. Thanks so much!!!! Moo Moos~ You guys will come see us next time too, won’t you~??? We’ll be waiting for you!!!! Thank you~

We are currently in the car headed to our next schedule~!! Hehehehehe

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